If you have eczema, you can really benefit by using DermaSalt in your skin care routine since magnesium is an anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial mineral that alleviates itching and reduces moisture from bacteria and fungi that causes eczema.

Unfortunately, there’s no cure for eczema, but some products have been shown to ease symptoms. One such product, Derma Salt, may help people with eczema treat symptoms like itching and inflammation.

The power of Derma Salt lies within its ingredients. The secret blend of skin gentle salts, limestone and mineral enriched Kentucky spring water will leave your skin silky soft and moisturized.

What Is Eczema?

Eczema is a common skin condition that causes red or discolored, itchy patches of skin. While more common in children, it can occur at any age.

According to Better Health, Eczema is caused by a person’s inability to repair damage to the skin barrier. This is due to a mutation in the gene called filaggrin. Filaggrin is important for formation of the skin barrier. Normally, every cell in the skin has two copies of the filaggrin gene. However, people who are susceptible to eczema only have one copy of this gene.

Although you only need only one copy of the gene to form a normal skin barrier, two copies are important for skin barrier repair. If a person’s skin is exposed to irritants and their skin barrier is affected, a person with only one copy of the gene may find that their ability to repair the skin barrier is limited.

Once the skin barrier is disrupted, moisture leaves the skin and the skin will become dry and scaly. Environmental allergens (irritants from the person’s surrounds) can also enter the skin and activate the immune system, producing inflammation that makes the skin red and itchy.

You are more likely to get eczema if your family has a history of eczema or allergic conditions, including hay fever and asthma.In most cases, eczema is not caused or aggravated by diet. If you feel a food is to blame, see your doctor or a dietitian for proper allergy testing and dietary advice.

While eczema causes stress, and stress may increase the energy with which you scratch, stress does not in itself cause eczema.

Other tips to manage your eczema include:

  • Keep your fingernails short – longer nails are more likely to injure your skin when you scratch.
  • If the water in your area is ‘hard’ (full of minerals) or alkaline, consider installing a water-softening device.
  • Swim in the sea in warm weather whenever you can – seawater is known to reduce the symptoms of eczema.
  • Use sun exposure for limited periods – for example, when swimming at the beach. This can help relieve eczema symptoms. But be aware that ultraviolet radiation is a risk factor for skin cancer and premature aging of the skin. Also, if sun exposure causes overheating, this can also aggravate eczema.

Whether you've struggled with eczema your entire life or are just now experiencing skin discomfort, give Derma Salt a try & let them know what you think. You have nothing to lose & only clear skin to gain.

Whether you've struggled with acne your entire life or are just now experiencing break outs, give Derma Salt a try & let them know what you think. You have nothing to lose & only clear skin to gain.

Contact Derma Salt directly with any questions, concerns, or to simply let them know how much you like the product. Info@SaltRox.com or (859) 317-3007 M-F (EST).

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