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Simple & All Natural

Derma Salt is 100% natural and 100% powerful. Providing a unique blend of salts and minerals, Derma Salt naturally boosts the healing process of your skin.



Psoriasis is caused, at least in part, when the immune system mistakenly attacks healthy skin cells. Derma Salt can help reduce scaling, redness, and irritation. The magnesium content in our salts can also be beneficial for reducing skin inflammation.

Natural & Fast Relief

Derma Salt is a simple and all natural way to get relief from  numerous conditions that can cause itchy, red, flaky skin. Even bug bites, sun burns and athlete's foot can find great relief. Derma Salt works better, so you can stop guessing and start living.


Rosacea typically causes your face to look like you're blushing, while giving you bumps that are a bit like acne. Derma Salt helps with Ph-normalization, inducing reparative and regenerative processes in the derma, increasing skin rigidity and helping to stimulate growth of new skin. 

A Formula For Your Pets!

Minerals are some of the greatest benefits of salt water since they help combat itch-causing bacteria, skin infections, and speed up your pet's healing process. Animals with troubled skin can benefit from a regular routine of spraying Derma Salt "Pet Formula" with its moisture-reducing abilities that can help control excess oil, bacteria growth and clogged pores. If your pet suffers from chronic scratching or scaling (atopic dermatitis), they can really benefit by spraying Derma Salt "Pet Formula" on their skin and fur. It is well known that Magnesium is an anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial mineral that alleviates itching and reduces moisture from bacteria and fungi that causes eczema in our furry friends.


The Science Behind Salt

Hippocrates (widely considered the father of modern medicine) was one of the first to document the antibacterial nature of salt. Salt is used as a microbial inhibitor, which means that it prevents the growth of bacteria since it reduces the amount of water present.  In a process known as osmosis, water passes out of a bacterium so as to balance salt concentrations on each side of its cell membrane

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The process of osmosis is what makes salt kill bacteria. When salt is concentrated outside of a bacterial cell, it dehydrates the cell and causes the loss of the cell's structure...leading to enzyme and protein malfunction. 

Simply put: Salt sucks all of the water out of the bacteria, which leads to cell death.