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Derma Salt Balance + Replenish

Balance + Replenish

Depending on the cause of your itchiness, your skin may appear normal, red, rough or bumpy. Repeated scratching can cause raised thick areas of skin that might bleed or become infected. Many people find relief with Derma Salt reducing the cause of itchy skin. For most people it's immediate. For some it can take 14-days for the formulated properties in Derma Salt to greatly reduce the itching and help their skin to heal.

Rosacea & Acne

Rosacea typically causes your face to look like you're blushing, while giving you bumps that are a bit like acne. Derma Salt helps with Ph-normalization, inducing reparative and regenerative processes in the derma, increasing skin rigidity and helping to stimulate growth of new skin.

Derma Salt Rosacea & Acne
Derma Salt Anti-Inflammatory


The variety of minerals in Derma Salt provides healing and therapeutic measures for people who have dry, itchy and sensitive skin conditions. Derma Salt is rich in anti-inflammatory agents such as zinc and bromide which help relieve pain, irritation, and swelling. It also helps treat inflammatory skin disorders such as psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, and eczema.

Sunburn Support

Sunburn hurts because of the skin’s inflammation and the risk that the burnt areas will quickly dry out and peel off. 

Derma Salt helps to reduce inflammation and dryness in the skin through its natural minerals and salts that reduce the swelling, ease the pain, soften the skin and bring effective relief helping the area to avoid drying out so badly.

Derma Salt Sunburn Support

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Derma Salt Pet Formula

Pet Formula

Minerals are some of the greatest benefits of salt water since they help combat itch-causing bacteria, skin infections, and speed up your pet's healing process. 

Animals with troubled skin can benefit from a regular routine of spraying Derma Salt "Pet Formula" with its moisture-reducing abilities that can help control excess oil, bacteria growth and clogged pores. If your pet suffers from chronic scratching or scaling (atopic dermatitis), they can really benefit by spraying Derma Salt "Pet Formula" on their skin and fur.


Derma Salt is not a medicine

It is a proven formula to help foster PH balance, fight bacteria and promote natural healing in your skin.

Works when nothing else works.

Skin Care is Self Care
Derma Salt Sunburn Support